D.E.R.P. Pty Ltd
ABN: 35 609 281 129

D.E.R.P. is a family run company based in Bendigo Australia, servicing clients across the globe.

We design and build software solutions across a broad range of technologies and platforms:

  1. Mobile development
  2. Windows driver development and security software
  3. Microsoft SharePoint solutions
  4. Custom application development
  5. Integration solutions
  6. Software and solution design
  7. Game development, Direct3D and Virtual Reality solutions
  8. E-commerce / Fintech / Banking


  • Timelapsody
  • Hardware configuration and firmware management solution for 37South.
  • A number of projects with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources specifically around the management of animal and plant bio-security.
  • Virtual Reality overlay development and consulting for Hello V.
  • Consulting services for the design of a national animal/product traceability in Kazakhstan.
  • Software development and consulting for Parcel for Me, an e-commerce solution.
  • Anti-ransomware security solution for Windows 8/8.1/10.
  • Poopster (iOS / Android game)